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What we do

We are your PHP development machine. You have your business, your ideas and your design, but maybe you are just not quite willing or able to have a bunch of full time employees on-site. That’s where we come to help!
We provide you with highly qualified virtual employees in the field of PHP development.  From now on you can drive your projects to success without programming related overhead costs and staff management headaches. And what’s also  awesome – it’s cost effective!
We have 15 years’ + experience in the field of programming outsourcing. You will enjoy quality code from expert PHP programmers, transparent processes and clear communications.



Languages: PHP, HTML 5, CSS 3.0, Java script
Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL
Server software: Nginx, Apache, Sphinx, Memcached
Other: Zend, jQuery, Ajax

Project types

We can work with a vast array of projects from basic websites, to sophisticated e-commerce websites and complex data aggregator algorithms.

Project management

We do not only code like crazy… we manage projects. That means none of your projects will be spared of research, task specification, QA and change management. We are customer oriented, so you will enjoy transparent processes tailored to your needs and clear communications.

Our Projects

Below you will find a few examples of great online business projects that are a result of successful cooperation with our team. Our customers came up with their business ideas, we acted purely as the development team. Unquestionably all proprietary rights belong to our customers, our services are focused around development and support.

Used Cars NI is the biggest and best source of used car sales information on the internet for the Northern Ireland buyer.

Media Lightbox allows individuals or large companies to store, share and manage their files online.

Jookit  is a classified ads website with over 65,000 items for sale from retailers and sellers across Northern Ireland.


Feel free to email with offers, suggestions, enquiries or any questions about our work.


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